“Oh, that looks good!”

Posted on April 27, 2022


Yesterday the math teacher who’s re-vamping our “entry level” math course came by and, mirabile dictu, I was actually working on The How To Do Long Division Lesson. So, I had that gazinta up on the screen. Yes, I had hated the hand-drawn one.

Turns out Nikki had hated what she had drawn, too. HOW had I done that? I opened my GIMP window, that it was software that did a billion things with images, and showed her how I’d used The Ten Things I KNow How To Do — that yes, I’d had to go watch a video on the “Paths” tool… but yes, I could make a *nice* curve with straight lines.

long division setup for students to keep it lined up and neat

It revitalized my notion that I should/could have done a session at the Faculty Summer Institute on “10 tricks in GIMP for making stuff.” I showed her how I could blink of the laters to make one wihtout the guides. I didn’t talk about transparency.

Long division set up without numbers (or guides)

…. SO! It’s 9:06 of this Wednesday morning. BIKE RIDE planned tonight. Just plugged in my helmet to get charged đŸ˜‰ (it’s got lights). GOAL: Get that division draft done. (It’s 10:07 now… two students here but TIME FOR POMODORO) …

… So… deciding to Put Things In Buckets … maybe bins… because the story part is important, especially if we’re going to say it the same way. But… Prob’ly I should have it a “just the images” way, as well as a “917 apples going into 4 buckets” way.

And it still just makes me happy when a person just Goes To THe Drawer and Takes Out A Snack. Yea, breeding trust and socialism and getting what you need — and yes, students bring stuff in now and again.

and today??? Student spent over an hour Figuring Out Long Division Dividing By Two. Complete cosmic coincidence.

Okay, no buckets. It’s just too much work for right now. I might *call* ’em buckets.

Also to remember to be thorough and explicit in connecting the symbols and numbers to the pictures. It’s 4:31… I successfully created a purple frame, though — dredged “how to use laters to get ‘the between part’ shaded in.” YES I remember there is a THING called masking. NO I did not get so distracted that I went back to figure it out. But then I found a thing I wanted to fix and I’d have to do the layer thing again …. meh. You can prob’ly see the Stuff Not Quite Lined Up.

AND …. I just remembered. Reading a thing reminded me that … I want to prioritize the “make progress visual” part of my online stuff, to make up for other deficiencies. You know, the part *everybody else* already does, with the badges and stars and graphs going up.

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