reflections on retiring

Posted on April 26, 2022


Well, not really! However, we’re in a situation where my job as currently defined would be deemed (as all the other folks’ jobs in the Center for Academic Success) unnecessary. (Yes, the grant that funded them was for the purpose of institutionalizing these positions but — that grant was applied for by people with different values and priorities.)

BUT… what if the job were re-defined to include a faculty-like role, where we addressed the fact that a TON OF PEOPLE are excruciatingy underprepared even though we’re changing the rules to give them access to higher level courses. What if a person were hired to create OER for this group b/c there’s legislation looming that would dictate that students get free texts? (Pretty sure that would require the faculty-level job category that I’ve avoided.) What if it were designed for the students with learning disabilities?

(Having to recall the “learning disabilities can look like that” with a student I’m overhearing basically saying “but I didn’t take the square root!” and the tutor patiently showing her that yes, they did — so no wonder they think the rules are always changing… if you used a visual memory to change a thing and “cancel,” but you don’t have the language to tell yourself what you did, connections won’t happen so well.)

Time to go for lunch ride 😉 It’s NIPPY again…

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