Posted on March 20, 2022


I espied a 10 minute podcasty thing that mentioned a person I’d be interested in hearing from. First chunk of time of the thing was talking about not hitting record on the first attempt (after the usual intro stuff) and then they took to discussing having guest speakers, and that they had done it several times. I decided to infer that this was their topic — talking about how important guest speakers are — and… to spare myself further. (OK, it also just looked like they were doing this because they’d been told by somebody to do it.)

So! Multiplication and division videos next!!! And a “follow along sheet” to go along iwth my “quick lesson in how to do nines” that Chris Woodin described. I shall attempt to replicate the elegance of the process — the blend of number sense and motor memory for writing the tens digit one smaller, then counting up to 9 to get to the next one, then showing that this could also be conceptualized as “multiply by 10 then take one of the factors away,” and then showing the “fingers” trick. My grand fantasy is that *if* there’s somebody in the group who happens to already know the nines, that they’ll be mathematically curious enough to be amused if not amazed at these connections.

But now to the old powerpoints. I’ve been tryin’ to do this so many times…. I have both duplicate versions because I back up, back up and then back up again — and then later versions. AND then somehow the themes are different and the directions for copying a theme don’t work, so I might as well just re-do the old to the new… but it’s also a day where a RIDE is necessary.

But also that idea that I want to have the videos, the lssons, and the powerpoints all up and available, except of course when I can’t find the exact version that went with that movie, not that that happens, right? Who wants to hire me to do this right with a team?

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