Re-learning things ;)

Posted on February 15, 2022


So, today for the Tuesday people we did more stuff with areas of Rectangles and Els.

They’re takin’ folders with them, but I will be prepared for the folders not to be there, but yes, I’m grateful not to have them!!!!!

And I’m remembering the time in Java that we worked through a concept and then the next class, we *worked through it all again.* Yes, a tiny bit faster.

Guess what we’re going to do next week?

The scary part is that they really are trusting me to help them do better on the assessment. (Yes, it’s also awesome.)

another awesomeness was — yes, they were figuring things out together, like that the perimeter of an EL is the same perimeter as the rectangle.

I think next time I’ll work w/ area and *different ways of finding it* — with the premise that you should do the thing that works for you, but explore if you’d like,

I’m also going to — especially if the weather means we’re at home or that people are at home (if it’s nasty but they don’t close, people don’t stick around so it’s quiet) — yes, really, explore Geogebra. I am *much* less afraid of having students talk about stuff šŸ˜›

… Hmmm. would a number talk be a good “middle of the class period brain break” or would it be even more brain-stretching?

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