Can I borrow someone’s brain?

Posted on January 20, 2022


So it really looks like I will have several sessions with oh, a solid hour or so with some young adults … to boost their math confidence and skills. (They’ll also work on reading but we’ve got Reading Plus for that. We *don’t* have Modumath any more 😦 😦 )

The program they’re in is focused on developing construction skills, and so I am thinking of … doing some good old fashioned measuring. Sigh, there’s the whole part about getting them engaged — to get them to “trust and try” for a bit, only that’s a heck of a lot easier to say at The NEw Community School where everything is in place for success and it’s not me who hasn’t done *exactly* this kind of thing before ever.

So I think I’m going to put it out to the #MTBOS for ideas 😉

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