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Posted on January 19, 2022


So! I called back the person I chatted w/ yesterday and it turns out last week they had chatted with our vp about a “partnership.” Now those folks hadn’t talked to me — but then I thought, “of course not, they’d do this through GED and adult ed.” But I sent an email to said vp and copied everybody, saying that hey, let’s get folks on our campus building skills!
I got bubbly reply that yes, we were thinking exactly the same! (This is the vp who has been less than transparent — the nicest way to describe it — about things.) That okay, they were doing GED stuff with an online program, but yes, they wanted them to come to campus… I did take advantage of mentioning that I’d made the connection because I was *trying* to do some of the stuff the retired and not replaced coworker had done, and then my reply I noted that because of the grant funding (one-time) for more tutors, I could do more of this kind of thing and that I hoped they would continue to support these students this way. (we’ll just stop there; infer the obvious.)
I made a playlist for “basics” and am curious as to what math professor(s) think of it because yes, I used the “progressions” videos and *taught* “counting on,” because yes, I’ve had students who started with the first number (so 8 + 3 is… “8, nine, ten!!!”)

And the COVID numbers are still horrific — but better than last week. I didn’t test today — I’d already decided I could pause, but if it’s at all quiet tomorrow afternoon I’ll duck across the parking lot. Maybe in a bit I’ll get the few from da gubmint but w/ the PCR across the parking lot… I’ll not take ’em from others.

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