Posted on January 11, 2022


Got an email from — a moderately pithy thing 😉 so I went to the site and oh! That might be a good model for an “online course for other people to use.” They charge for it (basically 300 bucks for 3 courses so if you were a teacher, that’s meeting a lot of students’ needs…) and it’s got the course materials. I haven’t kept up with the site since it was where he put his cool class videos of teaching in crazy costumes… so I’ll have to dive in.

I’ve had at least half a dozen folks just check in with me these two days. Note to self: keep on doin’ that “I’m teaching *you,* not math” stuff; there’s quantitative evidence it works 🙂

Got the “scanmarker Air” gadget to play with…

… yes, feelin’ a littler overwhelm and GRATEFUL for allies!

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