2022 Things!

Posted on January 10, 2022


Okay, it’s nine days into the year but Classes Start TOmorrow. Will weigh the risks of riding the bus with the potential for connecting with students. I did a reply on FB with a plug for Ss to go to library for school supplies pantry… so, while I’m pretty sure it’s covered, my plan is to BUNDLE UP and go to Meijer and get some stuff, to help me decide 😉 I’ve got more hours on that N95 — and who knows? Maybe Meijer will have more of them? (Yes, people in church had ’em. Yes, I’ll get tested again Mon or Tues or Wed. Prob’ly Tues since that’s when it’s open all day…)

Also: get a sidebar *here* with other folks’ blogs and – this post doesn’t count! — post more stuff people can use. I figured out how to find traffic stats finally 😉 Now to do the same for my site…

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