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Posted on January 6, 2022


First a story! Yesterday I waited for the bus inside, and let a driver in (this is the end of several routes and it’s got indoor bathrooms!) because the unlocked door is around the corner. My bus arrived and a young man stepped off and was walking my way so I told him the unlocked door was around the corner and he sort of scoffed and said he wasn’t going in there.
I got on the bus, heading toward the back because I’m going to the other end of town and the less interaction the better (cases consistently double week’s before and/so lots of people I know have it) and saw a backpack… inferred that he’d stepped out to inhale something besides the cool (14 degrees Fahrenheit) night air. When he got back in, I gave him a nod.

… adn as we approached the terminal, he proceeded to ask me about Parkland and if it had a GED program. I guided him for looking online and then told him to head to the library and ask for me. Was I a teacher? No, I worked in the library and I’d help him figure it out, prob’ly set him up an appointment with an advisor. At this point the bus driver says “If you need to go to Barnes and Noble, you have to get off here and get another bus.”

It made me think maybe nods are important. Oh, he’s new to the area, started GED at Malcom X College (city college in Chicago). I mentioned I could help with the courses too, that’s what I did, and yes, he needs that.

Now, when I got home I realized I could have directed him to my *old* office — D120 — because that’s where adult education is now… but I’m hoping he swings by 🙂

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