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Posted on January 3, 2022


So, yes, on teams I’m noting that I know my place and don’t own anything, and referred to a “Three DFY day!” standing for Daily F* Y* which is, I’m sure, what gets the “I should behave professionally” comment on that eval. Guess what πŸ˜› When I’m just not included in permissions for anything, not an owner of any of the teams, so I can’t do things…. And something like this happens oh, just about every day… that’s what I call it.

But I managed to hit Pomodoro and get some stuff done πŸ™‚ One more hour that includes a zoom meeting about assistive technology w/ the QIAT folks — no expectations but it’s part of my resolution to reach out and keep reaching out and keep reaching out….

Yes, I have to be on campus because remote work is only for infrequent, intermittent projects. So, I did at least put 3 things away πŸ˜›

Looking at the obnoxious ad on my blog as a viewer, ugh, sorry πŸ˜› TOMORROW I shall update my website and do some more tweaks on the Moodle course. Really wishing I’d ridden the bike — 11 degrees but NO WIND so I’d have been fine 😦 Morning ride was almost empty but evenings often aren’t and … only almost everybody masks up. LOTS of folks seem very aware of Omi’s spreadability but 20% are as we were before, including me, with “well, it’s usually on…” and yea, we’re still spiking.

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