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January 21, 2022


So, 1:20 I unboxed it, pics to come. Now to try to install software. Okay, here’s what I get trying to type it in — the url is something else. Let’s try with fewer typos? (it turned into scanmaker, not scanmarker — they prob’ly should have bought that one and redirected. next try? 404, file […]

Can I borrow someone’s brain?

January 20, 2022


So it really looks like I will have several sessions with oh, a solid hour or so with some young adults … to boost their math confidence and skills. (They’ll also work on reading but we’ve got Reading Plus for that. We *don’t* have Modumath any more 😦 😦 ) The program they’re in is […]

connections, delicately

January 19, 2022


So! I called back the person I chatted w/ yesterday and it turns out last week they had chatted with our vp about a “partnership.” Now those folks hadn’t talked to me — but then I thought, “of course not, they’d do this through GED and adult ed.” But I sent an email to said […]


January 17, 2022


I usually attend the county MLK celebration — music, recognition for students, and inspirational talks — but there was also a walk scheduled for TODAY and hey, it’s on the actual day and it is OUTSIDE THANK YOU. Krannert has vax requirement, don’t know about masking — but we’re still rolling about 20% positivity on […]

overwhelm ;)

January 12, 2022


A *little* less today maybe? Pomodoro is my friend. It took 10 minutes to make and send an .mp4 to a student with an explanation of a word problem that was a basic “read it and find that on the chart” thing. The next one is oh, 4 times as complicated (if every layer is […]


January 11, 2022


Got an email from — a moderately pithy thing 😉 so I went to the site and oh! That might be a good model for an “online course for other people to use.” They charge for it (basically 300 bucks for 3 courses so if you were a teacher, that’s meeting a lot of […]

2022 Things!

January 10, 2022


Okay, it’s nine days into the year but Classes Start TOmorrow. Will weigh the risks of riding the bus with the potential for connecting with students. I did a reply on FB with a plug for Ss to go to library for school supplies pantry… so, while I’m pretty sure it’s covered, my plan is […]

Working from home :)

January 6, 2022


First a story! Yesterday I waited for the bus inside, and let a driver in (this is the end of several routes and it’s got indoor bathrooms!) because the unlocked door is around the corner. My bus arrived and a young man stepped off and was walking my way so I told him the unlocked […]

Welcome back ;)

January 3, 2022


So, yes, on teams I’m noting that I know my place and don’t own anything, and referred to a “Three DFY day!” standing for Daily F* Y* which is, I’m sure, what gets the “I should behave professionally” comment on that eval. Guess what 😛 When I’m just not included in permissions for anything, not […]