It’s back!

Posted on December 30, 2021


Okay, I prob’ly should have taken that tack from the get-go, but I called with “can’t I give you money and have you update things?” It got stuck at “oops, we can’t update payment method from here” and of course I don’t actually have access to the account and then… I didn’t know the PIN for *my* account *not realizing that since I was logged in it was a click away), and 1-time access code meant waiting for the college filters to let things through. Yes, they had my domain name *up for auction* — so that “it’s not available ’til 12/22” might not have been really valid.
And now, my card number is on Pete’s account — Pete who is no longer with us. However, I can keep working on getting the necessary signatures and images — complicated by details like people can’t update their IDs at DMV for the next week or two because of COVID, so they can’t prove their ID. (Except maybe an outdated one and the right phone calls would do?)

… and I’m not traveling 😉 Don’t know if it makes a difference, COVID being so ragingly rampant and I *am* going to go shopping and I put a 1000 mile goal for the next 3 months over at LoveToRide . I wish folks would take the step and say “people, STAY HOME for two weeks.” As in, remote at Parkland, at least for Prep Week! But … I can go in Monday and keep to myself… and now the internet’s back so I can post this.
New Year’s Resolution/Goal: Just Make SOmethign and Post It every week, whether reading or math, p’raps both on resourceroom and auntjames. BUT time to shower and ride!!!

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