Posted on December 25, 2021


So it seems I have to do stuff w/ estate executor, death certificates etc. to get rights to resourceroom.net Hopefully we can pull that off in time, otherwise … auntjames.net will be a new home for things. And that’s all the ed stuff for this post 😉 Except to bemoan that even tho’ the mic is same model as one from school… it’s deemed not workable by my computer even w/ new extension ports (that cost a pretty penny).

‘Tis Christmas! Remembering a few decades ago when I lived in Richmond, VA and Christmas was on Saturday and I was driving home from family and had Mary Cliff on the radio in the pickup and traffic came to a complete standstill. Okay, there was a BUS that seemed to be weaving around stopped traffic and I followed it visually until it disappeared in the distance. Eventually I got out of the truck, as did driver of nearby car, a young man… we walked forward to investigate and suddenly he was on his backside. Well, it seems that bridges really do freeze before the road, and it was glass. So the bus had been heavy enough to hit bottom… people couldn’t even push cars because they didn’t have traction with their shoes. Watching them try was of Keystone Cops. This was on the little loop of interstate that mostly locals use so … people were in party regalia.

….. a party of folks formed whose task would be to push/slide cars down the slight incline to the far left shoulder where there was enough debris to make traction. My task was to tell folks this. The response was almost universal — the driver would open window, hear my explanation, open the door, put foot down which would slide on the glass and say “SHIT!” I heard that one word in so many accents!

The other interesting interchange was when the 8 folks (of all sorts of colors) approached one woman’s car, as she proclaimed ferocioulsy that SHE WAS WAITING FOR THE AUTHORITIES. (A: it’s Christmas night. B: How are they going to get here? c: What would they do anyway?) I don’t know if she put the car in neutral or not — it was so slippery it really didn’t matter. They were going to move her car. Prob’ly a nightmare of hers: minority men, surrounding her car….

I got home … and after that, you BET I had a bag of kitty litter in the back of the pickup truck.

My Indiana weather twitter person says forecast m odels are shifting so that cold and even snow might come our way 🙂 Haven’t decided whether or not to travel or not.

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