I’m working on it :)

Posted on December 24, 2021


So! Resourceroom.net is still “out” and I haven’t gotten response about my form. GOTTA do some holiday stuff first (and some bank stuff) but then will call GoDaddy again (sifting through it’s automatic stuff).

I *have* secured “auntjames.net” and have put some files up there but I am learning the vagaries of “subdomains,” which this is. So!! If a person wants to visit a page, let me know and I’ll copy it to where you can get to it 😉 Happily the folks at inmotionhosting.com are less scripted, so they’ve been helpful about stuff and the new domain is with them and in my name, etc. HOPEFULLY everythign will be under my name soon.

Between Christmas and the 30 when if things aren’t too insane, I’ll be traveling a little bit, yes, I’ll be diving into website details to avoid necessary housecleaning…

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