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Posted on December 17, 2021


Thinking about The Math Module. Pomodoro is ticking.

My website is not there still. Reckon over the weekend I will talk to my webhost (not the problem) about getting another domain name, assuming they do weekend stuff. (If not it’ll be Monday.) Hey, when I moved to the new host, I changed a few thousand file names from .asp to .html so … I can do transfer.

My “gonna do it anyway” thing that I mucked about with a few summers ago was based on Modumath , with lots of Parts and Whole thinking thrown in inspired by DOrothea Steinke’s article from 2008. Her GED course builds more concretely than Modumath; it also, though, attends to developing the mathematical thinking for advanced math. Perhaps more importantly it’s a cognitively accessible way of thinking about math that is less likely to send learners down the assorted weird thinking patterns they’ve built over the years.

Research defense for this? Her work and research, as well as the Stigler article, etc… (I need to get past this part of the process.) Here’s where I get into a vortex: what will actually *be* the structure? I want to have two things when we get together to plot this thing: The framework, and an example of one unit.

Modumath had awesome videos — I also want *lessons* so that people can get stuff out and do things in real life, such as using the cheeze squares to represent area units. (Hmmm, the tower activity with multiplication?) I want to include “language routines” often and well, *as well as* yes, some gamified practice for the skill-and-drill. Modumath had six chapters. I think that’s a good number 😉

Welp, that sounds like a plan. (Oh!!! And I need to touch base with my guy about the digital literacy, too…) I should have 3 people who signed up for Transitions to work with. I need to figure out — this is the real challenge — how to have that not just entropy itself into lost energy, but perhaps the person getting the ECH can do that part 😉 So, “side plan” is to have that *ready to start* as if it were a class by then, too. I’ve got four days next week to do this and som ehours today, right?

So! Two hours on the “get the division part of times tables in there” … and then Making Unit One of Modumath For Real on Cobra.

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