Where the focus this?

Posted on December 15, 2021



So, big fat weather happening but not *right* here, so I have to decide whether to use the bus to get home… factor in COVID cases starting to explode …

So! How to make this online course. Everything’s sort of on hold because I didn’t see the notice from GoDaddy about the site (got the Long Term registration), and the GoDaddy contact info is to Pete … my friend who passed away in December 2016. (We updated some things in November 2016. So, five years.) But, I *think* I still own the name (can’t check w/o accessing the account and that might take 10 business days, but I *think* I do because the goDaddy person said I’d need to authenticate who I was, not “it’s not in your name,” tho’ the next person said he couldn’t see who owned it.)

BUT I can still do “division by two” and quizzes for that.

I need to keep trying to connect, too. There are *so many* people saying “things just aren’t working.” Well, can we do better? Could we have some EdCamp style sharing and oh, places people can go to say “I want to do this with my learning” and do it. See, there’s a secret. If you know math well, you do well on standardized tests. If you do lots of reading and writing and discussing, you do well on standardized tests. So far, they haven’t screwed up the tests *so badly* for that not to work, tho’ I could imagine it. I also reflect on Isaac Asimov’s story about the guy who could do basic math when everybody was dependent on calculators, and how the defense folks were extremely interested in this for soldiers — I believe he killed himself at the end because he didn’t want to be responsible for the harm done on the battlefield…. but point being that being able to DO MATH is powerful.

Here’s to *truly* productive struggle! And really, really hoping folks can stay safe on this precarious planet.

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