Posted on December 15, 2021


Okay, so a stupid hangup for my times tables things — lost files, right? SOMEWHERE is the powerpoint that I did the video about dividing by two.

SOMEWHERE is the list I made of the groups of things for each number, because one of my principals is to Have Memorable Images For Things. The Building Fact Fluency folks do twos with pink and yellow lemonade. I’m using socks.

For threes … I decided I want them to be countable so a triangle or clover won’t do it. Then one is also, sort of, 1/3, and we’re not there yet. So, they shall be kittehs. Because kittehs lose their mittens sometimes. I might have “musketeers” as an option, too, if we’re going to wax cultural.

Fours? Hmmm. Going to save that.

Fives? Fingers seems pretty obvious though there’s a bit of the clover problem with that…

Six: since we’re *not* going to 12, it could be eggs. I could actually take a picture of them. (I am pretty sure I already did this, somewhere…)

(and I could just Pick Something, but I think I want it to really be a THING. Though as soon as I make it an icon, it sort of makes the “has real meaning” fade a bit. Except I think my kitteh conveys 😉 ) … OK I FOUND a reference to the counting things … but it was for two times things, breaking things down really, really far (so each times tables has a separate icon for twos… Hmmm….)

I’m on to re-doing the divisibility having found … some images.
But stupid update my whole site’s down and I can’t get to the GoDaddy account because Pete made it years ago and he died in 2016. I’ve filled out a form…. that might take ten days… and yes, I think I shall get my other name idea (lol I checked and it’s still available, but Idon’t want to use it enough to trigger it not to be and it will inspire people to think of other similar combinations…)

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