COABE blues

Posted on December 10, 2021


Okay, so the COABE conference stuff is … resort style, expensive, prob’ly with lots and lots of swag.

Just got their “connections” and … as a *member* I can get the online journal for thirty bucks.

I’d love to think that it’s a case of “we know we need money so we’re making sure we get it” — the same way private sped schools wisely have high tuition because that’s what it actually costs, and then they work at ways to make the education more accessible to more people with scholarships and fundraising… but I’m definitely not in the right loops for that, dagnabit. Hopefully our esteemed library can get me access to the journal, at least.

That said, I give ’em big credit for saying “Coalition On Adult Basic Education” under COABE on their logo. So many organizations don’t say who they are 😉

It’s Friday. Last day of classes; finals next week. I’m going to spend an hour on the division powerpoint, start spreading the geogebra news (except IT GOT BOUGHT but I hope hope hope certain OER aspects stay the same and hey, p’raps I should contact them about doin’ stuff except a quick visit to the site and… what? It’s ALL LITTLE LITTLE KID stuff).

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