where the focus that thing?

Posted on December 8, 2021


Really not getting much done but hey at least I found a blog post from 2015 with ideas for what to do next. Okay, it was from July 24, 2015 as in the dead of summer, and I’d decided to make my course…. but I really don’t know which raveled fragment to pick up and stitch on. Think I’ll do the “let’s make a video out of the next wholes to parts video” — after one more look for the powerpoint from the division of twos.

And. Of course. All the other visuals there are to be made. OK POMODORO LET’sGO!!!

No, really, let’s go? 2:05 … 2:13…. interrupted but hey, I got socks! For the Mary Ellen Carter Academy.

I don’t know why not being able to find the slides I already made for that one thing about twos and dividing is such a roadblock!!!

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