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It’s back!

December 30, 2021


Okay, I prob’ly should have taken that tack from the get-go, but I called with “can’t I give you money and have you update things?” It got stuck at “oops, we can’t update payment method from here” and of course I don’t actually have access to the account and then… I didn’t know the PIN […]


December 25, 2021


So it seems I have to do stuff w/ estate executor, death certificates etc. to get rights to Hopefully we can pull that off in time, otherwise … will be a new home for things. And that’s all the ed stuff for this post 😉 Except to bemoan that even tho’ the mic […]

I’m working on it :)

December 24, 2021


So! is still “out” and I haven’t gotten response about my form. GOTTA do some holiday stuff first (and some bank stuff) but then will call GoDaddy again (sifting through it’s automatic stuff). I *have* secured “” and have put some files up there but I am learning the vagaries of “subdomains,” which this […]

Directions ;)

December 17, 2021


Thinking about The Math Module. Pomodoro is ticking. My website is not there still. Reckon over the weekend I will talk to my webhost (not the problem) about getting another domain name, assuming they do weekend stuff. (If not it’ll be Monday.) Hey, when I moved to the new host, I changed a few thousand […]

Where the focus this?

December 15, 2021


(again…) So, big fat weather happening but not *right* here, so I have to decide whether to use the bus to get home… factor in COVID cases starting to explode … So! How to make this online course. Everything’s sort of on hold because I didn’t see the notice from GoDaddy about the site (got […]

December 15, 2021


Okay, so a stupid hangup for my times tables things — lost files, right? SOMEWHERE is the powerpoint that I did the video about dividing by two. SOMEWHERE is the list I made of the groups of things for each number, because one of my principals is to Have Memorable Images For Things. The Building […]

COABE blues

December 10, 2021


Okay, so the COABE conference stuff is … resort style, expensive, prob’ly with lots and lots of swag. Just got their “connections” and … as a *member* I can get the online journal for thirty bucks. I’d love to think that it’s a case of “we know we need money so we’re making sure we […]

where the focus that thing?

December 8, 2021


Really not getting much done but hey at least I found a blog post from 2015 with ideas for what to do next. Okay, it was from July 24, 2015 as in the dead of summer, and I’d decided to make my course…. but I really don’t know which raveled fragment to pick up and […]