Posted on November 20, 2021


Must be holiday time b/c I’m not seeing a bunch of math tweets. So I have to blog to procrastinate 🙂

Last week a nearby community college talked about “new collar” jobs. A year or three and you can be making 6 figures or close to it. I searched and an article about it shows up in lots of places a few months ago… it notes a project manager doesn’t even need a degree. I wonder how long it will take to get to my institution as a catch phrase.

COVID has gotten there — a student zoomed questions because they’re “out with COVID.” Doesn’t know where they got it but it was almost two weeks ago — about when the numbers were just starting to go up. They’re accelerating on up, now, w/ last two days over 5000 cases in the state 😦 😦 😦

BUT MATH!!!! I got to lurk at the Accessing Higher Ground conference. Everything being recorded — but then I saw that it took a special registration to get access to them. When the first one started and the introducer and the presenter were both Big Publisher People I prepared to cringe, but it wasn’t about products. It really was about how they did the stuff with their products, so you could do it too. There was a lot of technical stuff — and my hope is that if I snag the powerpoints I can find key words and … there will be stuff on line about it too. There was also a very basic “what is UDL?” and the guidelines… and we did a with ideas and most of the ones for “engagement” were not as radical as Andratesha Fritzgerald’s _Antiracism and UDL_ ideas… it was basically “give them choices.” There was a session on making math HTML that I hope I can pay more attention to…. but I *did* get all the quizzes done for Moodle, and I think it’s set up so a person could play with the times tables class … I want to swing back and build in division with fraction notation and oh, just enough algebra so they know what to do when 7x = 21… and see about doing interactives on Geogebra… having totally missed the conference session on science interactives… and wondering if I should figure out how to work in my other online version ….

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