Posted on November 8, 2021


Sitting at my desk at home, hoping the heater will be in soon (but it’s been an hour since the guy went on a “parts run” for some gas fittings… ) pretending that I’m being productive. (I should have acted like I was working from home and done the “line up the focus” bike ride…)

BUT in the meantime, there was talk about conferences, since they’re doing a math one in California and the educelebs get the traffic and my twitter people get 4 folks at their session. [omitting rants about educelebs] Remembering that I want/need to put together my defense for designing a math course ASAP since that’s part of our new one-time funding package, even though faculty will be actually doing it. It could be like applying for the Lumen Learning job — and not getting it, but having the resume ready for other opportunities that manifest right after that.

The discussion led to remembering Twitter Math Camp, and when I mentioned the Parkland Geogebra workshop, Steve Phelps said “let’s do it again.” YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!

Now, next thought: I can’t assume they’ll support it as they did in the past, just because things are so much more hostile and focused on GENERATING REVENUE, but we’ll see. There’s precedent.

I also have different people to nudge as far as “maybe make this a teeny bit bigger?” — as in the Digital Promise EdCamp people. Teeny bit bigger *could* be the virtual part. And who knows? It could perhaps *be* the “other opportunity” reason for figuring out a blended / online adult math course.

So! The guy is here with the parts and there’s one being made that they will bring to him. Me, I’m going to figure out this math stuff. These guys aren’t all digitized (bill comes in the mail and everything) but I still *imagine* dystopian artificial intelligence monitoring how long it takes to do each part of this process like the way Einstein Bagels has an “average time for order to be done” on their screen and the orders turning colors as time goes by.

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