Visual organizing

Posted on November 5, 2021


My plan is, in my spare time of which I have none, is to make another “name it frame it” movie about taking math procedures and making them less intimidating by organizing them visually.

Yes, we have to make sure we don’t toss out comprehension, but these are pretty *perfect* examples of scenarios where if we don’t do this, it’s too complicated to keep track of.

For instance, adding fractions with different denominators. I’ve done that at least once so that ight be the topic.

Another one is for ALEKS, and that’s their little ratio problems set up with a this, a that … and the total. So, all the bags of candy have a ratio of 4 strawberry to 9 apple candies. If there are 72 apple candies in a bag, how many candies are in the bag?

It takes students out at the knees. BUT if I make it a table, with part, part and whole… it’s manageable and even makes sense if we work through it and talk about how I needed to know the strawberry ones to *figure out* the total, but then I didn’t need it for the ratio.

smallest bag (or “given”)new bag
strawberry 4

And just like those “impossible” solution problems, you fill in what you know. Then you figure out what you can. So, you can figure out the smallest bag (if it is smallest; that’s closer to concrete than “the one they give you” and more imaginable).

Next step is to see what they’re asking for, and put X there. Then — KNOWING you won’t use everything on the board, set up a ratio with the four pieces that make a ratio.

YES I want to also make some visuals (with the candies in the bag).

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