Had been spoiled

Posted on November 5, 2021


Reminded again today what it’s like to work in a Business Like Setting in a rigidly constrained institution.

In CAS — no, it wasn’t utopia!!! — but there was a concerted, consistent effort to bring out the best in us all and accept and embrace quirks and differences, with lots of discussions about making things work better, and … that amazing thing of looking long term and building things, as opposed to “hey, they cut fourteen things but there’s some extra funds for right now so we can get some of them back for a little while!” with the “possibility” that were we to defend their existence well enough they might fund them again. (There was strong evidence to defend their existence already.) And sorting through stuff from where they stashed everything from dowstairs, there were lots of stuffed animals and the like that we had sprinkled through the lab to create a warm, friendly atmosphere. Oh, these things can go in my (tiny) office, but no, they can’t be spread out. I’ll be pondering that, and trying to discern who the Tidy Thinkers are.

Oh, and of course they’re using power tools again in the study area, to put new furniture in. All the computers have been gone for several days in this area.

It reminds me of “bike friendly” status. We have it on paper!!! Oh, there’s some construction for a while…. there are other priorities, you know. So! Today now that meetings are done, it’s time to try to make other contacts.

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