Posted on November 5, 2021


Tina Cardone tweeted about their “Computation Layer Monthly.” The “computation layer” is where people like you and I could go in and get deeper into things like programming with Desmos. I’ve resisted to keep working with HTML5 and JavaScript.

Seems lots of people asked them to please have an option to check something as “right” or “wrong.” I remember this coming up I don’t know how long ago 😉 (months? a year?) and this is their reply about why that’s not such a magic thing.

IMHO there are plenty of options out there with instant feedback, though I’m always “more options are almost always better.” But their analysis of feedback options is awesome. The exercises with area and perimeter (where you are told to make a thing with area of such and such) are just so awesome I immediately thought, “Oh, the course generation committee should do this!” (And then thought “but could we do it with Geogebra?” and the answer was “probably not as easily; desmos is more set up for Classroom Exercises.”

So!!! it’s quiet right now as they’re still doin’ stuff out there putting computers in (they took them all away Tuesday for putting in the new furniture), except when it’s not quiet ’cause they’re using the power tools (have I mentioned the whole ‘students might need to use the space’ is not a serious consideration here?). Time to Use My Time Wisely (including … moving stuff into the teeny tiny office space…)

But also a student was sure 1/4 was bigger than 1/2. So I revived this 😛

(and lookng at the previous newsletters oh, they say “yea, it’s more complicated than other languages but try this!” … welp, it will go on my sort of list.)

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