It’s been real!

Posted on November 4, 2021


So, Woodin Wednesday had 5 people viewing it which … I need to process. DOn’t people want ot know how to teach math so people GET IT???? I think of him as a celebrity. I’m *pretty* sure lots of others do, too. I mean, if he’s at a conference people come, right?

Sigh, it’s chilly. No heat. I moved the space heater into the bedroom so I could turn it on before I get up — even though it hasn’t gone below 62 according to the thermostat. (I wonder, though. It always says 62. Except it also feels like 62, tho’ here in the office near the window, not so warm BUT if it means getting away from computer to bed earlier like I keep saying I’ll do? I’ll take the Amen. Okay, I think it’s 61 πŸ˜‰ I think the heat is supposed to go on at 62.

Yea, prayer seems an especially good idea this week, and recognizing that reacting in tolerance is different from reacting in love, and yes, I can still have boundaries.

Got two more boxes from The Other Room That I Have To Be OUt Of Soon. The scheduled “let’s help Sue!” tomorrow was canceled, which made me wryly laugh and remember how often Somebody Was Going To Get Me Organized but … it just fell off the radar. I mean, the whole point of me being forgetful is — no, I’m not going to remember that We Were Going To Get Organized if you don’t. Helpful people go towards the folks broadcasting their needs and … I forget to. However, just having it *on* the calendar is what got me out there twice for the “grab a box!” trip.

The Interesting Social Thing happened when I found a clump of ‘food pantry snacks’ … from last year… and much of that stuff is “outdated” when we get it already. So I went out and saw a big ol’ trash can and asked the guy on the cleaning crew if I could make a donation, and then snagged the ramen back out because “nope, that never goes bad,” and he agreed. I go back to the Room Where They Dumped All The Stuff From The Othe rTutoring Place (I mean, they took everything off the walls which was totally unnecessary; the adult ed folks I am pretty sure woudl have been happy with it but it’s Institution Culture, you have to CLEAR IT ALL OFF). A minute later he pauses in the doorway and inquires if there’s any garbage and I explain there shouldn’t be since I”m moving stuff out. He just started, he’s replacing (I forget who)…. he’s new… He goes out and is talking to somebody and I … find a sock. I impulsively go out and announce (yes, I really did this) that I FOUND THIS SOCK AND I KNOW WHERE ITS MATCH IS!!! I WIN!!!

Welp, I go back in thinking, “okay, that didn’t really work…” except 3 minutes later he comes back in to show me his Muppets socks that, he says, he found the matching pair yesterday. WE WIN πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› I think he figured out that I don’t do hierarchy πŸ˜›

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