Posted on October 27, 2021


…. FB memory was me dreaming tha tsock monkey was going off and I was thinking about the code responsible for it.

Goal: to be doin’ that stuff enough to dream about it. Oh, and get more of it done.

Had folks today come *to see me.* Not “to the tutoring center for help,” as if it were fast food, which seems to be the model admins have. It’s about *connections* (okay, and the “Sue Jones Methods” for this, that and the other). Having people who really know the ways to show you what makes sense…. it matters. (Thinking of other folks who are having positions cut…)

HOPE that the patch on the patch on the inner tube holds b/c no, I didn’t have the right size tube amongst my stuff and last night the tyre was flat. I took bus to Chorus and realized I was close to where, Saturday, I’d dropped off the Schwinn Racer (1-speed from 1968) at RB bicycles — a couple working out of their garage. So! Technology is wonderful! I texted and picked that bad boy up, with *working* coaster brakes…. and got to ride home. Happily, very little traffic since I haven’t ridden coaster brake in forever and the starting and stopping was ungainly.

The flat was also fortuitous in that unloading the bags to get to the wheel… OOPS — I bought chicken thighs Sunday and tucked them in the back bag. Still not fully thawed so… into the school fridge it went! OK even if I toss it …. good to find it early 😉

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