Let’s make the space!

Posted on October 15, 2021


Had several “yup, I’m me” moments yesterday. I copied 10 handy “here are 8 bell curves for you to write down means and standard deviations and figure it out,” explaining to Jane in her office next to copier that I was SICK UP AND FED with not knowing where I put them so I WAS REALLY HONESTLY about to put them into a folder and into the cabinet. Welp, next day, I’m zooming and … get a text with a picture of said handouts in a little pile …. I’dput them on top of the microwave and left them.

Now, I’m me: when I couldn’t find ’em later that same day, I’d snagged another one and went into “NO DO NOT DO ANYTHING UNTIL THESE ARE IN FOLDERS. Now, I stillhave to find a label but…

BUT I successfully tagged the right printer from thecomputer to make fresh vertical number lines for the wall 🙂 One of many, many awesome posters and decor items from Sarah Carter’s site 😉

Whoops, gotta go tweet. Somebody’s screaming “COREQS WORK” again…

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