Posted on October 9, 2021


More meetings including a “developmental education council” meeting that is being revived. Main agenda was going through the things we used to do in D120 — leaving out the “building community” part…. the folks in advising noted students coming to make schedules … hadn’t done things like get transcripts sent or taken the assessment. The other “stuff about college” they don’t know — we don’t even get to talk about that, btu that is *exactly* what used to happen in D120. Now, all students fill out a form to discern their “areas of interest” and they get assigned an advisor based on that. All advisors have been deemed “success coaches” but it doesn’t actually happen — they’re figuring that out.
That’s right, we *had* a working center doing all those things, doing them well. They eliminated those things, but are saying they’re “figuring them out.” That things will be back. Yup! And corrupt politicians will have consequences, too!!!

I’m beginning to understand the tweets wishing that folks would stop explaining things to folks who are saying they’re listening but aren’t going to change. We need to find other ways to get folks learning.

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