Posted on October 7, 2021


… so just objectively speaking, when you ask to have the same setup with a simple scanner available because that has been really useful for students for x, y, and z… and the response is a litany of what their fancy scanner’s sales rep said were reasons why that was good for everybody, so…nope. Of course the sales rep knows better, right? So the scanner will go in my office.

I taught sped in public schools where the reason they had sped was “we’re legally required to,” so I’ll use those strategies. Also means that I don’t expect to actually get the key to the classrrom where my stuff was dumped in the quick move – so I’ll act as if it’s not going to happen. First box snagged. I’ll aim for 3 things a day, in the “because then you’ll probably get ten done.”

Oh, and 235 7185 gave me 5 steady honks before buzzing by this morning in their black VW. Not as nasty as the Volvo CL 11??? from yeterday. There’s definitely Moar Badd Dryving happening. BUT when you ride in, you still get endorphins 😛 and it’s Thursday!

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