Posted on October 2, 2021


And yes, a Saturday without a bike ride, which lends itself to blogging. (It was raining.)

Much, much to ponder about this week because I feel like the changes happening are rife with good and bad opportunities. Next week we’ll revive the Developmental Education Group. In the past I watched and sometimes spoke up in somebody else’s session, but I am going to have a turn at this FIRST MEETING. How can I inspire? I could go in at least 3,920 directions. I have entirely too m any citations. I need to figure out My Point with four flavors possible depending on the response. I mean, the latest is https://www.highereddive.com/news/can-colleges-compete-with-companies-like-coursera/607324/ — which asks “what do community colleges have that coursera doesn’t?”

IDLL — not sure how to make that work but I want to try. I want to make it better than “I talked to some teachers about technology and here’s some data.”

Math 050 — how can I help make that into something better, perhaps w/ others up in our area? They’d love ALEKS — hello, ALEKS is expensive. Do you remember how we were making something else that would be better, and free?

(Moving my crap… how can I make that so things are festive as if Ben were there???? Bigger pic: how can I impact the space, so that I can do stuff effectively, it can be warm and welcoming and it can inspire others? )

Oh, and the bike club!

Oh, and connecting to the community about education! Meeting next week w/ Tracy Dace of DREAAM. HOPE I can reach further than that.

Just hoping I don’t just forget all the meetings, too. Can I be so inspiring that somebody aligns to be my personal assistant? Snork…. time to aim for my 200 minutes CLEANING UP THIS WEEK…

UPDATE: Yes. There was supposed to be a bike club meeting Sunday. I forgot. *(##$@#$.

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