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October 27, 2021


…. FB memory was me dreaming tha tsock monkey was going off and I was thinking about the code responsible for it. Goal: to be doin’ that stuff enough to dream about it. Oh, and get more of it done. Had folks today come *to see me.* Not “to the tutoring center for help,” as […]

Marilyn Burns’ podcast

October 20, 2021


Marilyn Burns’ Podcast is moderately awesome.Lots of chatting about how they got where they are She says: “  The other thing is, I know, years ago I developed this assessment of asking questions for the Gates Foundation and it’s no longer available. It was free and it was a great project, but it really helped […]

Let’s make the space!

October 15, 2021


Had several “yup, I’m me” moments yesterday. I copied 10 handy “here are 8 bell curves for you to write down means and standard deviations and figure it out,” explaining to Jane in her office next to copier that I was SICK UP AND FED with not knowing where I put them so I WAS […]


October 9, 2021


More meetings including a “developmental education council” meeting that is being revived. Main agenda was going through the things we used to do in D120 — leaving out the “building community” part…. the folks in advising noted students coming to make schedules … hadn’t done things like get transcripts sent or taken the assessment. The […]


October 7, 2021


… so just objectively speaking, when you ask to have the same setup with a simple scanner available because that has been really useful for students for x, y, and z… and the response is a litany of what their fancy scanner’s sales rep said were reasons why that was good for everybody, so…nope. Of […]


October 2, 2021


And yes, a Saturday without a bike ride, which lends itself to blogging. (It was raining.) Much, much to ponder about this week because I feel like the changes happening are rife with good and bad opportunities. Next week we’ll revive the Developmental Education Group. In the past I watched and sometimes spoke up in […]