(when did I learn that?)

Posted on September 24, 2021


When I was doin’ the student thing, I had to learn from failures. In eleventh grade, I learned I couldn’t just remember all the ions and their charges by paying attention in class. I had to … read them, repeat them, do that weird thing other people had to do called “studying.” I learned that if I didn’t figure out my paper topic in time to go to the library (pre-Internet), I’d have to do it on Saint Francis because we needed five sources Wednesday and that’s something we had lots of books about in the house.

If I hadn’t been set up with these relatively low consequence failures early, I probably would have flunked out of college.

So! This is the kind of reason why yes, teachers see a Bad Habit and …. have the inclination for Making Sure They Have Consequences!!! This can evolve into “and let this be an example to you and others!”

That … changed. Now my challenge is: how can I hold you accountable *and* set you up for success? Even though you seem to be determined to find cheats and shortcuts, and only care about your grade? How can I win you over to wanting to learn? I think we need some good hymns to go along with it … yes, there are analogous religious cultures too. My educational “church” doesn’t deem you unworthy because you committed a certain educational sin?

Side note: student worker started talking about how much FUN she is having in Python, to her delight. How it makes her feel smart when she’s debugging. Oh, she’s got that professor who has that effect on people 🙂

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