The gaslighting is strong with this one

Posted on August 16, 2021


So! The “welcome back” meeting is done. Consistent with this admin, the way to address important issues is to bring in consultants and make committees — which those of us who’ve been here for a while have experienced as tying up folks in meetings and then basically ignoring things inconsistent with their business model of generating maximum revenue and return on investment. (That’s ignoring other little negatives.) Adult ed and SWFT are moving ONTO campus!!!!! So there will be ONE DOOR. Of course, there won’t — we’re clear the other side of campus so nobody in their right mind would go in the U wing doors. THey’d park just where they would to go into what’s now the Adult Ed building. But… ONE DOOR!!

I’m glad there wasn’t discussion of the “revitalization” of student support.

They had a fun “welcome back” video with drone shots.

And tech support is awesome — got my laptop ready to roll and install Camtasia…

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