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Posted on August 4, 2021


(Okay, yesterday.)

Somebody on the LINCS list is starting a numeracy program that will have 1:1 tutoring to prep for one of the tests adults have to take for stuff. I remembered Marilyn Burns’ math reading inventory, and that I’d made my own based on those ideas and Kate Garnett’s “things they should know before shoving multiplication facts down their throats.” (No, she didn’t say it like that.)

But in the middle I’m listening to a digped speaker talking about the “I struggled, it’s your turn ” tradition and the need to get rid of it.

It might be helpful to recognize that there *is* a framework where the ‘it’s your turn to struggle” thing has worked. When you’re growing and learning in community, whether it’s academic, sports, just bein’ in the neighborhood…. finding that place where you are sure you can’t possibly continue but realizing that you *can* because you have to… helps you grow and helps you figure out when to listen to the “no you can’t” voice and when not to.

That’s not what we’ve got ’round here, folks. We’ve got aversive environments with “struggle” inducing real trauma.

But back to the topic at hand (by the way, the numbers are awful today, too, with 18 deaths reported from COVID inIllinois), I uploaded the files linked here about conceptual questions and number sense.

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