Posted on August 2, 2021


2 folks came by — one to share summer success (Math and Phlebotomy)…. and the other my afternoon non-enrolled lady working on reading and typing skills.

Reasonably productive in the morning and YES I successfully uploaded A New Thing To Share on my painfully outdated website: an outlining/ main idea exercise added to my Main Idea page. . Hopefully I’ll get better at the process. Yes, I wasted some time discerning that no, there isn’t a nice way to make an outline easy for somebody to “fill in the blank spaces” with. If I make a text box, you have to know how many times to click where to get to the right spot. I did okay, though, abandoning saving space with columns (after all, if you’re *not* printing it out that doesn’t matter). Forgot to add “CC-BY” — tomorrow, b/c it’s 4:45 now.

And yes, the COVID cases are spreading rampantly. Still mostly The Young and the Foolish unvaccinated.

Also chatted w/ ppl here about the utter frustration at the task before us — building relationships without the resources/space that we know works because of the “revitalization” process. We’ll see what we can figure out with our much more limited, fragmented space and resources but the screaming doublespeak of a “one stop shop” when actually most of the things we had are either gone or moved somewhere else is potent evidence of the difference in what we value and what the decision makers value.

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