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Posted on August 1, 2021


Okay, it’s 2:00 p.m. and no, that wasn’t the first thing I uttered so – no lucky charm!

National Council for Teachers of Mathematics shared this document: “

Continuing the Journey: Mathematicas Learning 2021 and Beyond.

It urges us to focus on scaffolding and support and grade level material as opposed to remediation. I could see referencing it to support just about anything — pretending nobody missed anything (“grade level!!”) or doing gobs of things that would be called remediation if we didn’t call it scaffolding and support. It implores building procedural and conceptual knowledge. It’s good stuff and I’m glad they shared it with the masses — so much of NCTM is Behind Closed Doors.

Last Sunday’s homily … I don’t remember most of it now but it included not wasting time šŸ˜‰ So! Let’s see what I can get done this week… I decided not to go to Rapidan (the link’s 5 miles away) with siblings/niblings b/c rental would be over a grand and … COVID, which is exploding again including here. The original blowup happened right at spring break, so a week off … this time we’ve got 2 weeks w/ no classes, then prep week so *personally* my risk is lower. It’s happening faster than the first time — the numbers are rolling up about as quickly but given that *half the people* are vaccinated, and even more right around here, it’s more serious.

Therefore, I’m wondering if when School Starts there might be people who really don’t want to send pepole to buildings with other people inside… what opportunities could that present?

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