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FIRST DAY whew :)

August 23, 2021


Okay, the COVID numbers were … not good but not accelerating as fast, at least? But oy, SO MANY HUMANS HERE!!! Yes, masked up (some double layered). I just hope…. It was also good for the soul to see “the helpers.” (LOL no, I didn’t see any of the admins but they might have been […]

The gaslighting is strong with this one

August 16, 2021


So! The “welcome back” meeting is done. Consistent with this admin, the way to address important issues is to bring in consultants and make committees — which those of us who’ve been here for a while have experienced as tying up folks in meetings and then basically ignoring things inconsistent with their business model of […]

Almost goin’ back…

August 13, 2021


This week hasn’t been a total “sat in front of the screens all day” week but it is a pretty insidious draw. Twice I successfully used Pomodoro to tell me when I had to GET UP 😛 Four other times I Just Got Up… YES, I’ve been keeping score. The Learning Commons meeting Tuesday wasn’t […]

Today I uploaded…

August 4, 2021


(Okay, yesterday.) Somebody on the LINCS list is starting a numeracy program that will have 1:1 tutoring to prep for one of the tests adults have to take for stuff. I remembered Marilyn Burns’ math reading inventory, and that I’d made my own based on those ideas and Kate Garnett’s “things they should know before […]


August 2, 2021


2 folks came by — one to share summer success (Math and Phlebotomy)…. and the other my afternoon non-enrolled lady working on reading and typing skills. Reasonably productive in the morning and YES I successfully uploaded A New Thing To Share on my painfully outdated website: an outlining/ main idea exercise added to my Main […]

rabbit rabbit

August 1, 2021


Okay, it’s 2:00 p.m. and no, that wasn’t the first thing I uttered so – no lucky charm! National Council for Teachers of Mathematics shared this document: “ Continuing the Journey: Mathematicas Learning 2021 and Beyond. It urges us to focus on scaffolding and support and grade level material as opposed to remediation. I could […]