Eagle Scout Musings

Posted on July 20, 2021


Sunday my niece was awarded her Eagle Scout honors, officially. I believe she’d completed them last October; things were complicated by COVID and that she was of the very first girls to achieve Eagle Scout and they made a group deadline so One Person Wasn’t First Anyway.

It was a solemn occasion, including a “charge” that the honor included the responsibility of leading a life worthy of an Eagle Scout. I almost expected somebody to say “don’t be like this guy!” and name a corrupt politician. Yes, there was some coded language: they were to lead clean, straight lives. That was not defined, though ;P

That evening we watched a Disney Plus episode of “The Mysterious Benedict Society,” in which the characters find an ad in the paper looking for exceptionally gifted children to take a series of tests to qualify for a thing.

Spoiler alert: We find out that yes, they needed to be reasonably smart cookies but the real tests were the helping your neighbor and avoiding temptation ones. OUr three first protagonists discover that the same character was outside and dropped her pencil down a grate and the rules clearly stated you needed ONE AND ONLY ONE pencil. Our protagonists each figured out a way to get the person a pencil, including one who had many, many pencils. (So the actual rule about 1 pencil didn’t matter.) Then the pencil dropper gave them the answers to the test. All the protagonists thought that was absurd. Cheating was wrong.

I found it interesting that the main characters really did have strong moral compasses. I reflected that … why does that seem impossible??? Shouldn’t people appointed to things like the Supreme Court have to have *passed* those kinds of tests, as opposed to “they had the connections and seem to have kept it legal”?

And now back to your irregularly scheduled stuff.

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