Posted on July 12, 2021


So Moodle will let me do random stuff — but I have to make the dataset of the numbers ahead of time and I *guess* it goes through them in order? So it doesn’t (unlike just doing it in Javascript) make the random number when the question is presented to the user.

I probably *should* be diving into Desmos. Mebbe this weekend. It’s 11:32 of a Thriday (It’s Thursday but we have Fridays off four more times). The stupid Covid cases are climbing fast — over 400 yesterday, 601 the day before in the state of ILlinois.
Sigh, and I get distracted by sudoku and …. it broke! I was trying to figure out the second element in the first row and …. all the numbers are taken. So! I figured out two more in that column and … yup, it just accepted a 1 in there.

the other failed sudoku

The final “solution” didn’t act like solution — but I digress.

I am wondering if the “we will make the dataset” means that it will generate random numbers and they will be different?????

Will endeavor to discern.

I really don’t like the tutoring where it’s all about getting as many answers as possible for the points, and having a dialogue about understanding that really isn’t about that, but they know that’s what I want to hear. The bigger picture as to the effect of this experience on life. School isn’t supposed to be about me taking your order and giving you a bag with answers and you figure it out. The “buffet” model of education should have been tossed ages ago. Inside Higher Ed even has an article right now talking about supporting the “whole student” — yes, that thing they had figured out in 2001 which is wy they hired me and everybody else. There’d be meetings and decisions early when something isn’t a good fit with folks who know the community, the resources and the student…. because we want everybody in our community to belong and thrive. We’d make things fit, too, not just say “this isn’t a good fit.”

And the next sudoku was broken, too.

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