errands then focus :)

Posted on July 9, 2021


So an email from Einstein Bagels says “Sue,…” about my driver’s license and a credit card bein’ there in the safe. Gonna go do that and buy some bread …

… then see what I can do in a *real* hour of working on Moodle (as opposed to “let me see if I can stick this quiz up there while I’m waiting for this student to enter a thing and get to the next question”) so that I can know How Long It Will Take. And then keep trying to connect … mebbe spend an hour getting to know Desmos again, or Geogebra. The adult ed folks are playing w/ Desmos and their middle school stuff; Geogebra has one, too. Desmos is *so* much better at stuff you can just share and *use as is.* It’s more like an LMS. It’s also more like an LMS in that … it’ll only do what they set it up to do and that breaks a lot in math.

Yesterday’s bus pic 🙂 “Wrong Code.” alternated between that and “enter new code.”

Btu time to do this thing, and mebbe take abike somehwere….

but I had a duolingo moment yesterday when somebody posted on twitter that their piano wasn’t tuned and the “vecinos” had to hear it and … I knew it was neighbors 🙂 🙂

… okay, the other thing on my “list” is to reply to an email about our New Learning Commons Marketing b/c we are supposed to share any concerns we have. Think I’ll just re-iterate them since all I’m hearing is bubbly happiness.

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