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Eagle Scout Musings

July 20, 2021


Sunday my niece was awarded her Eagle Scout honors, officially. I believe she’d completed them last October; things were complicated by COVID and that she was of the very first girls to achieve Eagle Scout and they made a group deadline so One Person Wasn’t First Anyway. It was a solemn occasion, including a “charge” […]


July 12, 2021


So Moodle will let me do random stuff — but I have to make the dataset of the numbers ahead of time and I *guess* it goes through them in order? So it doesn’t (unlike just doing it in Javascript) make the random number when the question is presented to the user. I probably *should* […]

errands then focus :)

July 9, 2021


So an email from Einstein Bagels says “Sue,…” about my driver’s license and a credit card bein’ there in the safe. Gonna go do that and buy some bread … … then see what I can do in a *real* hour of working on Moodle (as opposed to “let me see if I can stick […]