Un-universal design for learning

Posted on June 28, 2021


Yea, that’s what I’m having now wiht our “math literacy.” And I know their argument. Hey!!! It’s LIKE THAT IN THE REAL WORLD.

My argument is the same: we want them to LEARN this so that they can deal with the confusing aspects in the real world.

To wit: ALEKS has a series of problems about weighted averages. They are just scrambled, with varying degrees of complexity.

Many, many, many more students would be successful at figuring this stuff out if we started with the simple ones and built towards the more complex ones.



We wouldn’t want more students to *succeed* though, would we????

Specific bugaboo: they’re given grades for parts of a class — 31/100 in participation…. (yes, they have *lots* of really bad grades; I suspect they just used the same Random Number Generator…) but then it’ll say “exam 1 68/100, exam 2 89/100, exam 3 78/100 and final exam 122/200.”

So, after spending how many years being implored *not* to add things by adding the numerator and then adding the denominator… now they are supposed to do that. Also to recognize the final is its own category…

I want to make visuals to animate some of the “weighted ness” starting with simple…. but first back to times tbales, eh?

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