Posted on June 8, 2021


I’ve already had a student 🙂 This one is repeating a class and … has learned *so much.* As in, a living, breathing reason why our full service support is needed and beneficial. You really wouldn’t recognize this one as the same person.

first time through, learning the whole array of navigation — here’s a worksheet. You’re supposed to submit it in the dropbox. Oh, it’s a math worksheet and includes formulas, exponenents… and the excel chart you’re supposed to fill in are… an image onthe paper so … really you have to do it *on paper.*

There are no instructions regarding how to submit it.

Because we did this last semester, we did it on paper, then did it on the word sheet where it made sense, took a picture of the excel part, and submitted that in the dropbox too.

Except here’s the thing: will the esteemed professor then think “oh, well, if this student did it thisway, they should all be doing it this way”? (they might.) It’s a math class, not a “let’s analyze this worksheet and determine the best way to approach filling it out and submitting it.”

To be honest, best strategy would probably have been “complete it, take a picture of it, and submit it.” Scanning it would make getting a good snap less of an issue… in the 060 class they *have* to turn it into a PDF which requires knowing Where To Click at least 5 layers deep (take a picture, figure out how to turn it into a pdf on your phone, figure out how to get it from your phone to the class page, then figure out the unique place on the page to click on and where to click in there to submit it.) They do, however, get directions for those steps — but they have to figure out which directions apply to their devices.

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