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duolingo fun

June 29, 2021


I’ve been brushing up on Spanish with duolingo. It’s been 79 days … nope, I don’t understand conversations in Spanish the two times I walked by folks conversing in it but if I remember right, it was one-sided phone conversations …. I wonder about algorithms, though! You’re put in a group of I think 30 […]

Un-universal design for learning

June 28, 2021


Yea, that’s what I’m having now wiht our “math literacy.” And I know their argument. Hey!!! It’s LIKE THAT IN THE REAL WORLD. My argument is the same: we want them to LEARN this so that they can deal with the confusing aspects in the real world. To wit: ALEKS has a series of problems […]

3rd Friday off

June 25, 2021


… but not really! IDLL online conference at 11:00 — so I won’t get pulled away by students or … people wanting to know what furniture they can have whne they’re running us out of here. Still wishing a journalist type would just gather some data and pictures (e.g., what do our recent hires look […]


June 11, 2021


Then there’s this tweet to article about students being automatically enrolled into JROTC. There are so manyh better ways.


June 11, 2021


Today reminded me once again of what I would *like* teaching to be like: Like a back Float. A student thought about things instead of guessing. We’d gotten through to having oh, 20 lessons to go … but ther ehad been a “knowledge check” so today there were 49. Yea. Right. Still, we were workin’ […]

repeat repeat

June 9, 2021


I’ve got several students taking Math in the summer — repeating. They’ve all learned from that first time through. I’d say two of them have a puretty good chance of getting through this summer, tho’ I’ll be gone next week and … they do pretty much need some guidance along the way. ‘ There’s so […]


June 8, 2021


I’ve already had a student 🙂 This one is repeating a class and … has learned *so much.* As in, a living, breathing reason why our full service support is needed and beneficial. You really wouldn’t recognize this one as the same person. first time through, learning the whole array of navigation — here’s a […]

N e (article N + 1)

June 7, 2021


(somehow the title didn’t happen first time. ) another article… “A Case Study of Students’ Motivation In College Algebra Courses”. It’s from 2014 but I don’t think I’ve seen it yet. Second paragraph bemoans the fact that College Algebra is a “gatekeeper” course that students may take 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 times. Fall […]

study web article

June 2, 2021


There’s an article onine about “the study web.” It describes students on twitter, discord and other platforms — as if “study web” were its own entity or platform. It’s interesting. People do zoom or discord and just sort of study together as if they were inthe library, and chat back and forth about oh, anxiety […]