wax on, wax off?

Posted on May 27, 2021


No, I haven’t seen the Karate Kid… but I saw Star Wars and a few other stories of people who were going to become amazing, and wise, and do good things and things good and things well.

A common thread is that this person has been discreetly deemed as destined for Being Specially Good and is Put THrough Trials and Tribulations, the successful navigation of which develops the wisdom, the skills, whatever. It’s *not* that they’re Thrown To THe Wolves.

I got an email from “Yay math!” with a link to a video about being a ‘response ninja’ with reference to Karate Kid: “the students aren’t flly aware that their teacher has them on the path of transcendence.”

OK… there’s a zoom thing now but …. how does this fit into antiracism? UDL? I’m thinking that starting with the presumption that everybody should be on a path to transcendence matters a lot. I’m thinking that yes, while the learner needs to embrace and own their learning (those folks on paths to transcendence do)…. yes, as a teacher I need to look at my role …. do I know what that student’s “transcendence” is?

Okay, those are deep weeds, but my perspective is that the students don’t have to know everything about their path ahead of time. (Life isn’t even that predictable anyway.)

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