FRy – day

Posted on May 22, 2021


Yes, the semester’s done.

Nope, it’s not quiet!

Today was the “maker space” project — where we’re not really “making” from scratch but rather curating to make smething more deliverable.

Also had two students — with questoins about sophisticated Excel data interpretation and prep for the GRE Math. Trying to get to “don’t do the formula the numbers look like: find a strategy to choose the best answer” is a challenge… I mean, some of them you can figure out just be substituting in some numbers and doing arithmetic… or knowing “it’s a fraction so if the denominator is smaller, the number value is bigger.” Knowing generalities like -anything to a power is going to oscillate between positive and negative, so its sum is not going to be as big as adding the values…

but it takes thinking and not explaining too fast…

and smack in the middle of it is the ‘asyncrhonous” discussion w/ Andratesha Fritzgerald on LINCS,

and then the department they’re moving us to because they’re getting rid of our unit chooses that moment to welcome us to their Teams chat with GIFS.

And then I get an accidetnal call on TEAMS.

Yea, really. The “I could do this if it were what I was doing, but I can’t do it right” which completely validates my decision to say: NO writing walk-ins and I need to move with everybody else. (twenty bucks says they don’t hve the office ready — in which case I’ll do what I did before I had an office and just have a desk out there.)

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