“wish i could help more”

Posted on May 20, 2021


I need to figure out a sort of protocol for what’s happening rather often already: “somebody gave me your number …” but what they need is totally out of my scope. Yes, in the past, we had coaches and advisors.

I will inquire – maybe even generate a list of some of the things I’ve been asked about — exactly to whom to refer the person to, and then consider who to also refer people to … or instead, since their answer may only serve to have somebody else doing what I’m doing — not really being able to help. Putting people through the runaround isn’t a goal.

Fortunately, most recent attempt was a relative success. Alas, figured out one Reject Problem on fed tax forms but not the other. Fortunately the other is part of the validation process to do it online so I’ll give it a few minutes and then say “oh, well” and get out the envelopes and mail the silly things.

(update: which I did. Sigh. I needed to provide last year’s adjusted gross income and … my spreadsheet and theirs didn’t agree. I couldn’t find the actual Thing I Sent In. )

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