The surroundings

Posted on May 14, 2021


So we’re planning “the changes.” No gaslighting for days, which makes it a little easier. I mean, I’ve known the admin was not supportive of us for years, but there’s a difference between letting you do your thing as best you can with no support (and removing resources with every opportunity) and then imposing drastic changes and announcing them not as necessities but as wonderful forward movements. Sorry. It wasn’t like that.

It’s also going to be different in that … I won’t be able to focus as well on tutoring the students and the other aspects of my job because I will know that the system isn’t set up to be improved and, frankly, I’ll have to be watching my back. So, if I get another bunch of incredibly overplaced students (less likely I *hope* b/c the placement was basically unproctored for a spell)… it’s a lot harder to do the “okay, let me try to figure out what’s best to do for you” … especially when we don’t have the nearby coaches for “okay, where are you going next in life??” (We also have them, basically, in name only b/c it’s duties stacked on to other ones, but hey, they can say they’re there for those grant applications.)

What if we had people who were committed to getting folks learning — not to fit some algorithm, to make schools look good so property values went up… but … for the actual humans? And yes, expected them to own their lives and learning?

Just sayin’. I’ve got some room this summer. we’ll see what happens if I make a Moodle Multiplication Thing. Off to it now…

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