stuff flyin’ into a fan

Posted on May 12, 2021


Still gonna be a little careful about oversharing, but I did send an email out about the fall and specifically that I don’t see how I can give walk-in help with reaidng and writing, unless there are new hires.

I was chastised by soon-to-be-supervisor because I seem to have already decided my ability to help will be inhibited in the fall, which led to concern and disappointment. Welp, I agreed that based on the information I had, I did decide that and if that weren’t understood, then … I’m concerned and disappointed.

We finally got an announcement of the “learning commons” — it’s a space with technology and different academic support.

Operative word, academic. I had suspected that their vision of “support” was …. help with homework.

SO I am still saying fierce prayers that I can find an entity that would build what we had in CAS out in the communty: a place for learning, sharing, getting coaching, counseling and buildling of skills.

And now to figuring out MOODLE.

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